"They can but hope.. to comprehend infinity.. through thoughts, minds... such huge capacity..bound by flesh"

Welcome to the Celebrating Impending Chaos mini site.

"Celebrating Impending Chaos" is the critically acclaimed second album from UK black metal band Primitive Graven Image.

A loosely themed concept album, it deals extensively with the subject of humanity in it's state of perpetual warfare, a sick, twisted and dying world juxtaposed sharply against nature, earth, trees, forests, via a journey that is told in 8 parts.

It was released worldwide in April/May 2010 through Voiceprint Records' Envenomation imprint.

Recorded At: The Metal Farm, Gerrards Cross, UK
Recorded By: Primitive Graven Image
Produced By: Russ Russell (Evile, Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death)
Cover Art: Matt Vickerstaff for Darkwave Art
Label: Envenomation Records, a subsidiary of Voiceprint / Gonzo Multimedia
Catalogue Number: ENVE001

Available worldwide through all good record stores or your favourite online store.

New! Stream the whole album here

New! Stream the whole album here

Sample Tracks:

War Til Death
Kings Of Infinite Space

March Of The Cattle - Free Download Single

Released 20th June 2011, The March Of The Cattle has been made available as a free download single. Click the icon to download.
Check out the video page for the accompanying video.

You can also listen to the album on spotify - click above

You can also Listen to Into The Godless Chambers on bandcamp

Video for "March Of The Cattle"

A free audio download of this track is also available from the audio page.

Behind the scenes - the album production sessions @ Parlour Sound with Russ Russell:

"A stunning collection of pure black metal in the style of Immortal or Emperor, this cd is the best I've heard so far this year... if they can produce the goods live there's no reason why they shouldn't join the black metal elite. Stunningly Good!" - Powerplay - March 2010

"PGI have made a huge evolutionary leap.. exploratory but still well versed black metal taking a scalpel to the night sky." - Metal Hammer / Subterranea - May 2010

"Let some of those riffs sink in for a minute. Let some of those Dissection-like melodic lines waft through the air like they do. This is good shit! Before you know it, this album is over. Short and sweet. Which just makes me want to play it again" - Decibel (USA), April 2010

"By all means avoid Celebrating Impending Chaos if you don't like skilfull aggressive metal, massive riffs or songs that actually stay in your head after they have ended.. an almighty collision of styles and influences, all unified by the brooding spirit of black metal" - Zero Tolerance - April 2010

".. sticks in the mind like a dark mantra.. could PGI be the british hope for black metal? These godless souls caught our eye at bloodstock last year and have been ravaging our ears ever since!" - Terrorizer

"An unrelenting slice of old school proper black metal with an extra street wise slice of quality, metal that hits the spot just right" - The Organ, April 2010

Web Zine Reviews

"..Extremely catchy while being intense and aggressive at the same time.. certainly a black metal album you'll want to hear this year.. 8.5/10" - Dont Count On It Reviews (Web Link)

"..the execution on this album alone makes Primitive Graven Image stand out above most other modern black metal artists.. 8/10" - Metalstorm.net Web Link

"this is a band who are unafraid to subtly fuse genres and combine dark, traditional black metal themes with surprisingly decipherable vocals and well-written, memorable riffs.. enough to get any moshpit riled up! 9/10" - Metalcentre.com (Web Link)

"Primitive Graven Image are set to kill and truly mean business with their music. By delivering tracks in the vein of older Emperor (minus the keyboards) and the sheer raw power of the now deceased Leviathan, there's a sweet mix of fresh hell to be heard here" - Brutalism (Web Link)

"I doubt I could be more into this record right now, as a death, grind, slam fan I am rather taken back by this album, it's not me, but yet I am hooked. I will. With out doubt, have this on rotation on my generic Ipod clone android based phone player thing - 9/10" - UKU Metal (Web Link)

1. Into The Godless Chambers

I move on away from the calmness of the forest
And onward to the dark cliff sides
Which are beaten and broken
By the flaming horrors that occur

Lit up by fiery glowing embers
that scatter the scorched caverns

A foul stench
Haunts the Godless Chambers
Inviting unimaginable winged beasts
and other hellish creatures
to feast on carcasses
That were once natural to this cave

A human skeleton lies intact in a corner
Ripped to the bone of flesh
And drained of any life it once had.

An eerie sound
Causes me to head back to the trees
I follow the flickering moonlight
Back home

2. The March Of The Cattle

Ravaged, fallen Empires
Creation Destroyed
Polluted Skies
Where Frozen Winds
Once blew

Blinded Maniacs
Spreading Terror
Torn by war
Wretched Life
Where are you marching to?

And So
The Earth doth begin
In violent, chaotic majesty
It is formed

Hail The Marching Of The Cattle,
Salute as the Livestock wander on.
Numbered minds
Brain dead
Brain Death

Where are we marching to?

3. Kings Of Infinite Space

Mimicking hellish shadows,
Fiery demise,
New beginning.
The feeble Earth reduced,
To nothing.
A testing ground,
For mortality.
For Life,
For Death,
Cast it all away.
Into the unfathomable abyss.

Wake the living,
Wake them from dreaming sleep.
Ravage them.
Haunt their earthly minds.
Feast on them.
Drain them.
Take their World away.

Become kings of infinite space.

Free them,
They can hope,
To comprehend Infinity.
From within thoughts, minds.
Such huge capacity.
Bound by Flesh.


4. Towards Infinite Planes

Spew forth utterings of the blackest metal into the night.
Call the dead from their graves,
They will become undead for you.
A primitive, bloodthirsty army,
Souls long gone.

I infinite Godman,
Heaven and hell,
I pull together,
Heaven and hell,
Forever one.

I'll not tell of my suffering,
For I suffer not.
The trees themselves are at my side.
The wind, howls for me.
The very Earth cries my name.
As I bow down,
And cry for the Earth.

I infinite Godman,
Heaven and hell,
I pull together,
Heaven and hell,
Forever one.

Breaking boundaries of the self
I stride on to infinite planes.
We are trapped only by our own selves.

5. War 'Til Death

Mass graves grow,
As the coffins return,
In the place of what was once man.


War til death
War til death

One more life,
Fodder for the cannons.
They grow ever hungry.
Human shells pile up,
Wasted, lost forever,
As humans kill humans,
Kill humanity. KILL.

War til Death
War til Death
Humanity will wage war,
Until death.
War. Never been so much fucking fun.

War til death,
War til death,

6. March Onward/Celebrating Impending Chaos

March! onward through the mist,
crush the enemy, batter their skulls!
Slay them! burn them to the ground with blazing torches!
Cut! , spew their innards and scatter their heads.

Gaze back into the forest and above at the full moon, I am protected by this power.
I feel strengthened and regenerated.

Sail across the gloomy lake with spears and fire,
hack terrible serpents that emerge from the dark depths.
Grim events unfold in these hellish waters.
Carcasses hang motionless on the surface.

The mouth of hell is wide open not far from the banks, the fight is on!

March! onward through the mist, crush the enemy, batter their skulls!
Slay them! burn them to the ground with blazing torches!
Cut! , spew their innards and scatter their heads.

Charge! the time is now, fear not! send them to burn!
Back into the fire!
Torture them! bring them down, smash their faces!
Bring Terror to them!
Burst forth with violent blows and devour!

The chaos is coming.
We watch as the World crumbles around us.
Supposed governments and authorities are exposed.
The very fabric of society is questioned.
Who is really in control?
As our infinite minds peer through limited, primitive portals
we try to fathom the truth.

The truth. It is not out there.

We disappear into our deepest fantasies in search of it.
We find beauty in the grim and horrifying darkness.
We must go beyond our humanity.
What lurks deep within us will unlock the mysteries.

7. Wandering Through The Wood

Wandering through the wood,
All trace of colour stripped,
By the veil of darkness.
Vivid shades of black and grey,
Create a deadly atmosphere.

The ferocious flame torch,
Burns on into the night,
A passionate soul,
In the depths of nothingness.
There is comfort and beauty here,

An infinite plane,
Seems to be in reach.

What is humanity?
What is civilisation?
Is it nothing?

A finite shell of,
Futile mortality,
In these depths of black and white,
I am free.

8. A Gruesome Relic Of Death And Decay

A blood spattered bone,
Is all that is left.#
What was once everything,
Has become nothing.
A gruesome relic,
Of death and decay.

The putrid stench of satanic sulphur.
Against the gods,
Against men.
Against nature.
The fire rises,
Claims the remains.

Men unite,
For their only God.

But instead,
Bring hell.

All our fears,
Manufactured before our own eyes.

Grim happenings
Haunting Occurrences
The cries of suffering
Echo in the wind
Blood curdling screams
Death in the air
Bullets misshape the beauty
Spill the guts of Mother Earth
Let her gaping wounds weep
Onwards to the Mountains
Untouched by man,
It is here I will rest.

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